Sunvox - Lagrange Point (full album source)
For what it's worth...

Lagrange Point Album Cover

I was recently asked by a gentleman owl via a sneaky github issue if I might release the source to a music album I did entirely in Sunvox a few years ago. It’s been freely available on both bandcamp and soundcloud where I was an active member of the fantastic sunvox group (sadly disbanded by soundcloud along with everyone elses groups) while I was authoring it. The superb android tablet on which I wrote it broke shortly after I completed it, which was a little disheartening. I’ve also been busy with my other projects on github so I’ve not followed it up yet.

So I present to you the full sunvox source, via this humble little unadvertised blog which I setup only as a means to learn how to do it (everyone should have a github site, right?). The album was written while sunvox was in active development (it seems to have slowed down now?), so it doesn’t use the very latest features. Nevertheless, I hope there is something for people to study and learn, especially if they want to write pretty simple, beat-heavy, techno-ish stuff.

Long Distance Communication 06:32
Machine Translation 06:10
The Zendian Problem 06:45
Interplanetary Cruise 05:56
Waypoint Lost 07:28
Depth Charge 05:52
Immelmann 05:19
Strange Signal 06:00
The Chase 05:37
Pacific Flypast 07:26
Future Imperfect 06:39

A great feature about Sunvox is the complete packaging of everything into the one file, including samples. All you need to listen is a copy of Sunvox (which incidentally can run on almost any device) and these files. No fuss with setup, plugins or anything else. just download, open and play! That’s one of the reasons I got into it… the distraction free environment really promots creativity.

I’ve also updated the licensing of this album to Creative Commons, so please everyone do whatever they want with it. There is no need to contact me for permission but I would appreciate a credit, of course! I’ll get round to uploading it to the various repositories of free music in due course.

James Burton on 21 September 2017